Symphony Orchestra

The CSMA Symphony Orchestra shows both the constant academic and artistic dynamism of the Conservatoire and the quality of students playing in that ensemble. Teachers’ requirements are very high and students release their work during public performances in a remarkable way.

In this ensemble, every musician obtains an instrumental and creative experience, beyond traditional studies. Concerts are given to show their level and quality, highlighting the students’ efforts.

The CSMA Symphony Orchestra organizes concerts with a demanding repertoire and attractive programs. On the one hand, the originality/modernity of the project is prioritized. On the other hand, each concert fits into the best musical tradition. The Orchestra has already accompanied world-class soloists (Hervé Joulain, Nicolás Chumachenco, Asier Polo, Josep Colom, Mariano García, Bernardo Cifrés, etc.) and it has been directed by famous conductors like Sir Neville Marriner. It has performed in opera productions where its quality and efficiency have been greatly recognised.

The CSMA Symphony Orchestra achieved the union between growth and learning for its students. It also provides the Aragonese region with an important cultural service.

Its current director is Juan Luis Martínez.



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